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Want to monetise Your Audience? Then start with a Clear & Irresistible Offer!

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Have You been building an Audience or a List?

Secretly hoping that if I keep sharing Content they will just WANT to buy what I sell?

My prospects will just message me asking about my services...

But that is not how the REAL World works, anymore. Isn't it?

You need to tell Your Prospects WHY they should get stuff from You. And Guide Their Decision making with a CLEAR & IRRESITIBLE OFFER!


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It's a Roadmap

This 7 Step Process takes You Step By Step What You need to do to create an Irresistible Offer. There are Educational Videos with a Workbook. Which means You can apply the info straight away.

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It's a Strategy

This Mini Course will teach You a Strategy ! By understanding Your Value Ladder You will know how to guide Your prospects further. It's not about creating just ONE Offer, it's about taking Prospects on Your Business Ladder!

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All the Elements You need to have in Your Offer

There are a many elements that thick Your Prospects boxes when they are trying to make a decision to buy... You will learn how to package them together.

What People Say About it?

'I always did marketing based on what my competition is doing. I would see their post and would go and make 'a nicer version' of the same thing. It was exhausting... Joana taught me how to distinguish myself from others. And now I say things that my competition can't because I found my 'VOW' factor!'


'Still working on creating my irresistible offer. But this Mini Course provides guidance and framework which is very useful. I find it very helpful.'


'It helped me to understand what my clients want & how to show who I am. I am in a healthcare business so it's important to me that my customers feel safe and secure. Trying to come up with my 'VOW' Factor definitely  took me out of my comfort zone.'


What You Get?

  • 11 Instructional Video Tutorials that takes You step by step through the whole process
  • Plenty of Examples from different niches to see that the Framework works for ANY niche
  • 33 Page Workbook where You can watch a video and do an exercise to apply what you learned. In that way You build Your Offer as You go through the Course
  • Understanding why ALL those separate elements are important
  • ​BONUS: Welcome E-mail Sequence Framework


A Guide to Your Welcome E-mail Sequences

'The Only Goal of a Welcome E-mail Sequence is to put Your Prospect into another Welcome Sequence'
-Russel Brunson

Learn this simple Framework of Welcome Sequences, so You don't have to ever think for hours what do I say in those e-mails...

  • You will know WHAT exactly to put in each E-mail (Framework)
  • You will learn HOW to hook Your reader to open tomorrow's e-mail
  • You will learn how to build rapport & trust


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to create My Own Irresistible Offer?

A: Yes. There is a Workbook that accompanies the Videos. So You can practice Creating Your Own Irresistible Offer!

Q: I don't have a Big Audience or a List, do I need to learn how to create an irresistible offer?

A: Yes, it's a great place to start! Too many entrepreneurs think they need a list/followers to sell. But in reality You should be doing it all at once: Building a list and creating Your offers. Otherwise it will take you a long time to monetise it.  

Q: Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

A: There is a Results guarantee. Meaning, If you are unable to create Your Irresistible Offer, you are entitled to a FREE 30 min consultation call with Joana. Just e-mail me: joana@jdmarketingacademy.com and we will craft Your Offer together.

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