Three Reasons Why You are struggling to sell a High End Offer

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Three Reasons Why You are struggling to sell a High End Offer...

And How to fix it?

Selling High End Offers is what everybody wants to do.

But Most entrepreneurs struggle in doing that.

Here are the Main reasons on Why it may look difficult.

1. Are you a High End Product Buyer Yourself?

If you are charging 300 per hour are you comfortable in spending that amount on professional services yourself?

If your Course Costs 2000 euros are you ok to buy a course for 2000 euros too?

By spending the amount you are charging on other people opens your mind on how other people are buying…

Meaning, what you perceive as an objection as a seller

Is just a question for a buyer.

You see that?

Read it AGAIN…

But you have to be in ‘a Buyer’s shoes’ to understand this.

In other words there is no SCARY objections that you have to prepare for.

So, when we spend hundreds and thousands on things we just want to know that it will work for us.

We wouldn’t be asking questions if we were not thinking about buying.

And being on the other side of the table (buyer vs seller) shifts your perspective on high end product sales.

Many Entrepreneurs start overcomplicating things.

They come up with reasons why a buyer wouldn’t pay what they are asking.

And that is ONLY because they never buy HIGH END OFFERS Themselves.

2. Is there something else in your Life that is blocking your Abundance flow?

Meaning, is there a Client that you should have stopped working with Ages ago?

But you are still working together because it’s comfortable.

Maybe there is a Financial Reason?

Or maybe there is an employee that you should have let go a long time ago?

But again it’s too much work to replace them?

And deep down you know they shouldn’t be working in Your Business…

Things like that take a lot of your energy.

So you might not be realising how much Energy you are waisting ‘fighting people like that in Your Mind’

Or maybe worse in Your Real Life.

And believe it or not it ‘robs’ your energy of focusing on allowing more good stuff to FLOW IN into your life.

Once I had a Client that has been creating a lot of DRAMA in my life.

When we stopped working together suddenly I had so much time and energy to create new things.

And it’s not like I worked many hours with them.

Once we finished working together things just started flowing into my life.

My Life became very peaceful.

So stop for a second and reflect:

‘Is there something that is robbing me the energy of FOCUS that is not supposed to?’

3. Positioning

Entrepreneurs that are struggling to sell ‘High End Offers’ usually make this ONE Huge Mistake.

They explain WHAT they are selling rather than talking about Transformation and Results.

But Remember that saying:

‘Features Tell and Benefits Sell’?

Your Ideal Client wants to know on how their life will improve?

And only then what steps they need to take…

Or how many Modules are in Your Program.

Where people who are struggling with positioning completely forget this little thing.

What attracts their Ideal Client is RESULTS/TRANSFORMATION.

They bore their Client what they will get for x amount and etc.

But that is not what your ideal client is interested in.

Remember Marketing is about putting the RIGHT Message in front of the RIGHT Person at the RIGHT Time.

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