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Consistency is the Key in Running A Business

It can help You Grow Your Business A LOT!

If there is a skill or two You should master in business it’s Consistency and Accountability.

Well, I think Consistency leads to Accountability.

When I start something new I commit to it for 90 days.

Not 7 days and not 21 days..

Back in November I committed myself in writing daily at least 400 words.

I developed so much Content.

Some of it I shared on Social Media, some I didn’t share.

And do you know what happened?

Writing became like having breakfast.

And now I can do it really quick.

I think Writing is a skill that every entrepreneur should master.

It helps in building your brand a LOT!

A strange think happens when You start writing…

You become more Clear on your Own Message.

And ONLY when you mastered it Yourself you can hire ghostwriters and copywriters.

Well that’s in my opinion..

If you need to free up your time.

Otherwise there is a danger…

That you will feel like Your Brand is not who you truly are

If someone is constantly writing for you.

I know I am talking about Writing.

But this apply to ANYTHING in your business.

Taking Small Steps to Move Forward

Let’s say your Goal is to get 5 new clients a month.

Are you doing everything you can every week to get there?

And by everything I mean ‘setting up appointments’.

Whatever the numbers are that you need to hit.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to organise that.

But usually entrepreneurs start ‘hiding behind stuff they need to do’

So they don’t need to set those appointments.

I heard so many times ‘I hate doing sales, I am a creative!’

But then a month later if you missed your monthly target

You are not generating money.

You are stressed…

And looking where to cut spending.

But that is your OWN fault.

This is how business operates.

And you might need ‘to miss’ a few monthly targets to realise that.

If your Goal is to grow a business

Then number 1 task that you should FOCUS on is getting more leads

And only then ‘hide behind the desk’ doing Admin work 😉

Consistency Makes You Accountable

And usually this is what my clients value and hate about me.

I make them Accountable.

I give them homework and try ‘to install a habit’ of Consistency.

As that is the only way forward if you want to grow a business.

So What are the tasks you need to perform in Your Business to grow?

Make a plan.

And commit to 90 Daily Tasks.

It might be just 15-30 minutes a day.

But the results will be astonishing…

And what seems like impossible now

Will be like having breakfast in 90 days…😉

I promise.

Just go for it.

Installing a habit is easier than You think.

Once You decide to do so…

Let me know if you have questions on implementing the Above.

Just remember You create Your own Reality 😉

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