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Fear based or Soul Driven Marketing

Which One to Choose?

They Both Work…

But it’s about how you feel doing it.

What type do you prefer?

Meaning, is it aligned with Your Soul?

Good Marketing speaks to your emotions.

You can drive people to take action out of Fear, Desperation, Guilt or Shame.

And you can also inspire people to take action from an empowered, hopeful, excited state.

Both Types of Marketing Drive Sales

Yesterday I received two e-mails with WEIRD headlines:

‘Are you feeling alone Joana?’

‘Do you feel fearful…’?

They were both from businesses I respect.

I didn’t open it.

It felt OFF…

& it didn’t resonate with me.

So, I am NOT their Ideal Client for the Content in those e-mails.

Without opening the e-mails I could guess what’s in them.

‘Feeling Alone’ Headline sells a Community Membership.

‘The Fear’ e-mail is probably encouraging me ‘to take a plunge’ & dive deep into buying a course.

There are Two Problems with Fear Based Approach

1) More & more people are doing it.

I already unfollowed a LOT of people who ‘preach’ & ‘shout’ how everybody is doing things wrong on Social Media.

I don’t need that in my Inbox.
I think more secure you become within Yourself less responsive you are to Lower Level Emotions.

2) What type of clients do you want to work with?

The insecure ONES who only take action out of FEAR?

Do you know how HARD it is to manage them?

Especially if you are in Services based industry.

What's Your Long Term Goal?

Before you choose what type of Marketing approach to use brainstorm a few things.

Think about what happens NEXT after they become your clients?

What type of interactions are you going to have with them?
Is it a long term relationships are you building?

Before I started working with a Solicitor I took a look at their Competitors.

Their Social Media Approach screamed Tragedy, Accidents & etc

It was like another 6pm News on TV.

What Perception Do You want Your Brand Image to send out?

I asked my Client if they wanted to scare people with their Brand too?

Luckily, we came up with an Educational Approach of Case Studies.

My Client started writing Case Studies of people ‘winning cases’.

As with their particular Cliental we found out that people are not even familiar that they CAN make a claim.

And on Top of that we chose a lighter approach of sharing Jokes.

That got people engage more with the Solicitor’s Brand online a lot.

Soul Driven Marketing is Easy Authentic and Relatable

One example of a person who does great SOUL-driven Marketing is Marie Forleo.

She doesn’t use fear-based tactics on her sales pages.

Soul-Driven Authentic Marketing takes more time to lay foundations for.

But it lasts longer than Fear Driven Marketing.

And it makes you FEEL good yourself.

There is no RIGHT or WRONG…

But think about Your Future.

How do You envision Your Business in a Few Years?

Marketing Strategy doesn’t change every few months.

It changes MAYBE every few years.

A Good Marketing Strategy will last for decades.

So how do you want to be getting Clients in?

By inspiring, educating and giving hope

Or By making people ACT based on Fear?

How do you want to be known?

Thank you for reading.

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