3 Steps To get You Closer To Your 'VOW' Factor!

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3 Steps That Will Bring You closer to Your 'VOW' Factor!

What is a 'VOW' Factor?

What is a 'VOW' Factor? Well, a 'VOW' Factor is something that makes You stand out from the Crowd. 

Somebody asked me this week 'Joana, what's Your 'VOW' Factor?

And I thought for a bit and then gave a surface level answer:

'Well, You know I help My Clients achieve their goals with this simple methodology'.

But then I thought to Myself.

No, this sounds boring.

And in fact, everybody can say that...

So I started thinking really thinking about it.

'How am I different from Everybody else?'

STEP 1: Discover Your 'VOW' Factor

Starting thinking 'Why are You different from Your Competition?'

I will use myself as an Example.

I started thinking about my Clients.

What did they like ABOUT working with me?

Why did they get results?

How did They Get Results?

Yes, I do use certain methods to do that.

But that wasn't it...

And then it 'clicked with me'...

They don't need to become 'a new person'.

I actually help them get results by educating them on 'WHAT?' and 'WHY?' needs to be done in marketing while they still show up authentically and they enjoy doing that...

And that's how I slowly started understanding 'What the 'VOW' Factor is...

STEP 2: Get rid of Resistance that doesn't allow You to show up Authentically!

This is a VERY important step.

Usually, when people decide to start building their Online Presence they decide it is important to express their Opinion.

What I mean by that.

They start doing Reactive Marketing.

They start disagreeing with people online.

And usually they do it because of some unprocessed emotions, limited beliefs.

Let me give You an Example.

Years ago, I was teaching one of my clients to do blogging.

He started writing stories about his childhood that related to his business.

His customers loved it, as they were really connecting with him on a deeper lever through these stories.

And then his daughter came on board.

She decided that she will be better at blogging because she did marketing in college.


Do You know what her first blog was about?

'How difficult it is for a small business to survive in current climate?'

It was very heavy like a college paper..

Do You think his customers wanted to read stuff like that?

Sometimes, my coaching clients 'lash out about their employees, suppliers, partners or customers'...

They go on for 10-15minutes.

And I understand that they don't have anyone to talk to about it.

But be careful NOT to bring this to Social Media.

I remember seeing a post of a yoga teacher on FB how some students don't respect her.

I was like 'what are you doing?'

It's Your Brand.

So, my point is Deal with Your 'lower emotions/limited beliefs' before going online.

As that doesn't help You bring the 'VOW' Factor out in You 😊

STEP 3: Enjoy What You Do!

This sounds so SIMPLE.

And You heard it a million Times before.

But as I always say:

'Do You know when You are the most attractive?'

When You are happy 😊

When You look like You are enjoying Life.

You are Magnetic.

People want to hear WHAT you are about?

You sound authentic.

You don't even need to think HARD about Your 'VOW' Factor!

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